4 Beautiful Features of Stained Glass Doors & Windows

Stained glass has been around for many years and is sometimes called decorative glass. It can normally be seen in many churches and other places of worship. Stained glass doors and windows can be truly beautiful and a work of art that can leave an impression on you. Just appreciating it can give one a sense of calm.

Some of the most magnificent and famous stained glass windows include Augsburg Cathedral in Germany, Chartres Cathedral in France and Sainte-Chapelle, also in France. Apart from its striking beauty, there are some benefits of using stained glass, so let’s look at what they are.

1. Beauty & Privacy

The thing with stained glass is that it is incredibly beautiful which nobody can deny. It is literally a work of art that will definitely catch anyone’s eye. It’s a great conversational subject when friends come over and it may influence them to install it at their homes as well.

Apart from its undeniable and unique beauty, it can also give you privacy, whether you have it installed in your windows or even your front door. It does not really diminish security and in fact, because it is quite resilient, it can even increase it when compared to some of the thin and clear glass panels installed in some front doors. It is also capable of letting in natural light from the outside.

2. Replace Curtains

Perhaps you are someone who is not a fan of curtains. If this is the case, then why not try installing stained glass windows instead? Your privacy is maintained and light can still pass through. You won’t really need or miss that curtain when you see the vibrant colours of your stained glass windows against the sunlight.

Not only that, when you see the sunlight coming through your stained glass, it can be spectacular!

3. Durable

Stained glass is pretty durable and is capable of withstanding the elements while remaining stable and safe. It is definitely more stable than regular glass and can be tougher than even laminated or tempered glass.

In fact, even in a minor earthquake, while other glass may shatter, stained glass may not, due to the lead rods absorbing much of the shock.

4. It’s An Investment

Installing stained glass can actually be an investment as it has the ability to increase resale value of a home. It can be considered an original work of art and suddenly, your home becomes unique.

However, in installing stained glass, you need to be careful in what is displayed for this to really work. You need to have something that is both original and traditional. It should stand the test of time and not be fashionable today but gone tomorrow.

If you’re installing a stained glass in tribute to Britney Spears, it’s not a good idea, since she’s pretty much going to be nobody soon enough (you can add Michael Bolton and Billy Ray Cyrus to this list as well). The Beatles, on the other hand, were big in the past and will be considered big a hundred years from now.

If you want to add some unique beauty to your home, installing stained glass windows, or on your front door panels will do the trick. It’s something others can also appreciate, but even though it may be something you’re exposed to everyday, you will still be taken in with its beauty every single day.