6 Security Perks of Nanny Cams

As homes are getting smarter by the day, the amount of technology that we have in our daily lives is growing at an exponential rate. As people get more and more comfortable with devices in our homes, one piece of technology remains a little controversial. That is, of course, the nanny cam.

Nanny cams have become increasingly popular over the years, and for good reason. After all, you are leaving your child with another adult, and during this time, you only have their say so on what took place and how your child behaved. Of course, you would never leave your child with someone you didn’t trust, but a nanny cam can provide that little bit of extra comfort and security.

Here are the top 6 reasons that you need a nanny camera in your home:

1. Quite simply, it’s safer

As a parent, you will be doing all that you can to make sure that your child is safe. As nanny cams are affordable and readily available, there really is no reason why you would not get one for your home. Knowing that you have gone the extra mile to protect your kids, can go along way to giving you peace of mind throughout the day too.

2. You can see what is happening in real time

Being able to see a live feed of what is happening in your home can be a great comfort to many parents. Many mothers and fathers actually cite nanny cams as the reason that they feel comfortable leaving their child with a babysitter at all.

3. You’ll make sure that a nanny brings their A-Game

Nanny cams have been around long enough that nannies know to expect them. For this reason, they will be extra attentive and as responsive as possible to your child’s needs. So you can be sure that even a subtle hint that you have a nanny cam will be enough to make sure that your nanny is not sat in your home watching TV or texting their friends all day.

4. You’ll know what really happened

Children can be, and often are, liars. I know it can be hard to think of your beautiful child telling fibs about their nanny, but it does happen. Sometimes a child can figure out if they tell a few lies about a nanny they do not like, they will be able to get rid of them. A nanny cam will allow you to check your child’s version of events with the nannies to see who is telling the truth.

5. You force a nanny to follow the rules

It’s rare, but sometimes you find that a nanny will start to rewrite the rulebook when it comes to disciplining your child. You won’t be able to prove this without a nanny cam as it will be your child’s word against theirs. A nanny cam will give you the evidence you need to make sure that the nanny in question can be held accountable.

6. It can help watch more than a nanny

If you are planning to have any home renovations done, you will be able to keep a watchful eye on the contractors that are in your home. This can feel a little creepy at first, but why shouldn’t you know what is happening in your home. Having this additional level of oversight into what is happening in your home can be a great way of making sure that the renovations or repairs are being done the right way.