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An Affair With Color

Often upon encountering something I fall in love with in a heartbeat, I revert to my mental age (which unfortunately matches my shoe size), and all I can think is- I am so gonna have this when I grow up. The first time I laid my eyes upon Kunjan and Nakul’s beautiful home, this full grown ‘adult’ had to work very, very hard not to throw a temper tantrum, stomp her feet and demand that her wish be fulfilled immediately. What? You think I am being a tad dramatic? Come take a look at the utter gorgeousness that is their home, you guys, and then you’ll understand my predicament 😀 !

The playful vibe of their sun drenched San Francisco home is unmistakeable. Being their first home together, Kunjan says they had a lot of fun and some inevitable arguments while together decorating this happy little place that reflects both their personalities. The restrained abandon with which the duo have made use of bold hues and varied textures throughout, gives their home a uniquely quirky touch- a Madhubani painting feels as much at home here as the 32” Batman figure(check him out standing tall and proud near the stairs in the next pic) that Nakul recently acquired.

Always tinkering about, Kunjan takes pride in finding the happiest and not the most expensive things for her home. One of her biggest pet peeves is the ‘right-out-of-a-catalogue’ kind of home, so it comes as no surprise that her favourite places to shop are flea markets, and from local artisans. Handmade goods being her weakness, she seems to have amassed quite a collection from her travels which she also documents on her decidedly addictive and aptly name blog- An Affair With Color.

Kunjan perfectly describes her decor sensibility as a bohemian mishmash containing generous helpings of vintage flavour with a very Indian soul. Wary of following any design philosophy, she says her home is evolving as she is. Having a husband with a keen eye and who is very involved with design decisions, and a sister who keeps introducing her to new art forms has ensured that her home keeps acquiring more complex flavours without loosing its basic essence.