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Dreams are made of these ~ II

In the preceding post, someone described Reshma’s house as a beautiful movie which can be watched again and again. My views are in unison. After the ‘making’, the ‘trailer’ and the ‘first look’, we now present to you the movie in its entirety. Yesterday, someone else’s comment on her home tour also caught my heart and attention. It was from Reshma’s mother who so very beautifully described her daughter and her nest. Mothers are our most honest critics and no words can match theirs. Consider it a return gift Aunty, when Reshma gives the lion’s share of credit for her creativity to you.

Reshma acknowledges that the person who has influenced her the most is her mother who is extremely creative. Growing up with her, soaking herself in all the creativity around has made her the person that she is today. So the good genes did the trick! And the end result is right in front of your eyes- that Madhubani elephant peeping from the window has been painted by the owner herself)

(I believe that Reshma herself is a bundle of sunshine and that her mere presence can light up any corner of the nest). The owner points out that one of her most favourite attributes of her house is the amount of sunlight it welcomes in, owing to huge windows and the open floor plan on the ground floor. The living room, lobby, space under the stairs and open kitchen all constitute one single space.

living room 3

Reshma fondly recollects how her living room took shape. The architect in his first draft of her home plan contemplated the living room on the lines of a mere drawing room with a kitchen next to it. Reshama decided to forego the common wall and create a big living room, pushing the kitchen to an adjacent corner. In her own words, “I didn’t want my living room to be like a drawing room which is remains locked for most part of the day and only opens for guests . I wanted it to be more like a family room.” The main entrance of her house opens right in the center of this room. One side of the room has a more formal setting flaunting sofas and a coffee table for the ‘prim and proper’ guests while the other side has benches, floor rugs, chatais, floor cushions and a rocking chair for the informal ones- the ones who don’t mind sprawling on the floor. (Count me in, Reshma, in the second category). Oh, and don’t miss her favourite favourite favourite tangerine wall which adorns the ‘informal’ side of the living room. It has always been a pleasure watching the orange wall sporting various new looks, courtesy the owner’s creative trips.

Creative trips remind me of her sweet confession. She admits that her favourite occupation at home is moving furniture, changing pictures on the wall, doing something different with the corners so that it breaks the monotony of constantly looking the same. She calls herself a big hoarder who uses whatever she already has at her home to create new looks for different corners of her house.

This particular corner is one of the prettiest according to me. It reflects her love for baskets of varied shapes and colours which ornaments the wall and how! Also, being a lover of books, she considers them the best show pieces since they have a habit of mounting up everywhere.


Another favourite is the kite corner. An ordinary mat got a facelift when it joined hands with a bunch of colourful kites. Isn’t the end result beautiful?

What attracts me to Reshma’s home is the beauty she creates without creating holes in her pocket. She shops from the roadsides, does her own DIYs, buys stuff from arts and crafts melas and exhibitions. She recycles and recreates out of trash at times. Hand crafted stuff, indigenous traditional paintings, hand-painted furniture, handwoven baskets and mats find their homes in her home.

In the midst of all things bright and beautiful, she doesn’t forget to mention her most treasured possession which is a silver tea set- a wedding present from her in-laws. It was passed down the generations to- her and she takes great pride in the same. She uses the tea pot, sugar pot and the milk pot as vases. : )



While I use my tea pot, sugar pot and milk to make my morning tea and sit on my couch to enjoy these beautiful corners again and again, why don’t you do the same? I could go on and on with my praises for this lady and her nest, but I think I can sum up the same with one last statement. The home is as beautiful as Lucknow Chikan and as delicious as Lucknow’s biriyani…