One’s own green patch

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A house becomes a home when it is made personalized to one’s taste and liking. Of course, the quality of space and architecture can add value to the décor but since most of us live in pre-designed spaces, it can be improvised with the elements one can choose to decorate with.

What can aesthetically please you more than “Green”? Having plants around is such a source of joy and pleasure to the eyes. Most of us have little spaces outside our houses and apartments and often nurse a deep desire inside us of wanting a green patch but are fearful. Many have the experience of killing the simplest of the plants and hence refrain from having plants around their home.

Here is a little sneak view into Soumya Geetha’s home garden and how she believes in perpetual beauty and peace in them. Soumya has wonderful tips to share with our readers on Housedelic. She guides us that a garden should not only be a pleasure to the eyes but to all our senses and that is when it leads to the peace we seek.

Soumya has designed her little balcony space with such keen interest and love, that it immediately attracts you towards it. She’s constantly redesigning and re-arranging it, although she doesn’t fuss with her plants a lot. She professes to let them be on their own.

She says that plants give you the joy of nurturing that’s probably inherent of us human beings. You feel a skip in your heartbeat the minute you see a little sapling bear new leaves. Once someone has tasted the joy of the kind he/she is sure to get addicted. Soumya treats her plants like babies. She understands that they too need to be left alone, need sunlight and feeding only once in a while. Overdoing any of the above bothers the plants too and they sometimes give up. Soumya decorates her garden with cute accessories and beautiful pots as she believes that just the way she likes to beautify her home, the plants too must enjoy a cute curio sitting next to them. She’s added a lovely water body that bears beautiful lilies all the time along with colorful fish that wait for her to approach the pond.

Water, fragrant plants, wind chimes and texture of various types of plants bring a relaxing feeling to all the sensory organs in you. Soumya has designed her little garden to keep these senses alive all the time.

She says there are two types of beginners when it comes to gardening; one is the “forgetful gardener” and the other the “over-nurturing gardener”. Of course the one who doesn’t fall into either of these categories is already a gardener in the making. There are several plants that are applicable to the particular personality you are.For example; if you’re a forgetful gardener then you may want to begin with plants like Succulents (Sedum) and Money plants (Epipremnum aureum) which need little watering and care. These plants thrive on atmospheric humidity. They don’t need any nutrient supply and have beautiful colors and shapes in themselves.

The over- nurturing gardener could begin with Sevanthi or Begonias that like watering daily and would respond well to a partly sunlit balcony whilst yielding beautiful blooms that’ll thrill and overjoy its gardener.

So if you do not have a garden already, you might want to go through the checklist Soumya shares below to decide what kind of a little green patch you could have.

1. What kind of gardener are you: “overcautious” or a “forgetful” one.

2. How many hours of sunlight does your balcony or terrace receive and at what part of the day. Morning or Evening?

3. Are you keen on flowers or do non-flowering plants please you?

4. What are the accessories that you have collected over time that you haven’t used and could be put to use?

5. What is your style; do you like the overgrown or the subtle?

6. Do you like birds, bees and butterflies in your garden?

7. Are you a “minimal gardener” or a “junglee” one like me?

Once you’ve answered these questions you’ve begun your journey towards initiating a relationship with plants and nature. Inviting greenery and cute garden accessories into our otherwise humdrum urban homes is a step that would not only make them more beautiful but bring us closer to nature too.

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