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Organic Terrace Gardening – My story

My interest in Gardening began with Composting and wanting to manage waste and then, in need to put the compost and the few pots I owned to some use. One thing led to another, my interest in Butterflies/Lepidoptera peaked and I got further interested in plants that helped breed the butterflies I had so fallen in love with.

Again my little understanding in waste management led me to using so called waste as a resource rather than wasting it. Soon, I saw my little garden yielding a lot of fruit, flowers, butterflies and thriving. Post that there was no stopping me. I had a balcony full of plants and containers and then I soon adopted one more terrace which I had begun to gradually fill up with more plants. There were few lime plants and herbs growing on my balcony but it was essentially plants that would attracts bees, butterflies and birds thereafter.

Moving to a new house I was mighty upset with how hot the house was. It was summer and sleeping at night was a misery. Thinking of solutions I decided to have a garden on the roof which would help absorb the radiation and the heat. To cover larger surface at the minimum cost I came up with the idea of bamboo baskets, knowing well that around 6″ soil is sufficient for most plants to grow.

I was very impressed with Jamie Oliver then. In fact I am a huge fan of this man! He’s so good with food and understands ingredients so well. His insight and TV show “Jamie at Home” had impressed me so that I wanted to now grow food. So my journey into seed sourcing began.

initially started with hybrid seeds that I sourced from a shop in Chamrajnagar, Karnataka. It was an instant yield. In the need to understand gardening more and find more like minded people I browsed for groups on gardening, joined several of them including which was this facebook group called “Organic Terrace Gardening”. It happens to be the most active group of dedicated and very committed organic gardeners. Every day was a learning post that. I have been encouraged and inspired by so many that I cannot list each one out here as I’d be unfair if i missed a single name. I am so grateful to so many who gifted me saplings, ideas, concepts of farming, seeds, containers and so much more. I am so happy for all the new things I’ve learnt about life in the process of gardening. I am happier still that I know a lot more about what I eat and how now that I grow it. I have a deeper appreciation for every single thing I consume and it comes from the depth of my soul.

I found insight into organic gardening, got further involved in Herbs, natural farming, creating a jungle, upcycling and so on and so forth. Not to mention that I am more obsessed with food than I was ever before. I feel totally empowered by the fact that I can eat what I grow sans any chemicals! To know that I can jump up to my garden and get me some fresh herbs to go into my food. How much better can life be?

My garden has been an ongoing learning. I have failed and risen several times. I have also figured I am not a very hardworking gardener but like most other things that I fall in love with I put in my whole and soul into Gardening. Now I am an obsessive compulsive urban farmer!