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Pillow Talk

Yes, there has been a long silence. And silence just does not go with my personality type. Ahem. There was an interim period of severe sickness. Relax, am not about to whine about that. I am just setting the context.

Sometimes the most taken for granted object in our life can actually be the one we are most attached to subconsciously. In my semi delirious state I realized that besides a constant supply of hot and sour soup and TLC, I badly wanted my childhood pillows with the exact pillow cases back in my life and my bed. The fluffy cotton filled pillows, slightly warm from being kept in the sun for an hour just like my grandma used to, diligently, during autumn and winter. The pillow cases were hand stitched, starched with the faintest smell of mothballs, pristine white with frilly sideburns and had dainty thread work.

I have been scouting grandma special pillow cases; my search had not yet yielded results. After all where do they add dollops of love in the most mundane like the older generation did? But in that quest I have realised something. I have noticed that the-mostly-ignored-and-completely- taken-for-granted pillow cases a lot of times reflect the house owner’s personality like nothing else does! Look I may be the most humbug pop psychologist, but just humour me.

The ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ ladylike types prefer theirs in cotton, starched, mostly in pale mono coloured shades. Dainty patterns are included to add that delicate touch. Few of my friends who fall in that category have steadfastly refused to add any darker or brighter shade in their lives as they dream.

The ‘always has an opinion and that too strong ones’ fluctuate between cotton and satin! Either Rin ki safeediwala pure white cotton ones or rich red satin/ velvet cases that accentuate the boudoir.

Then there are the genuinely polite, ‘does-not-like-confrontation-much’ types. I have seen them go for neutral printed covers. They choose from the floral patterns, polka dots in faint shades, something nice and comforting. Nothing fancy, nothing stark, just pillow cases. I mean God, do we need to argue about that too?

Master Bedroom

Then of course, there are the real innovative ones. They go for the quirky, out of box prints. And trust me they even find them.