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Thoppia | Bangalore

Grown, woven and designed in India. There’s an exceptional sense of happiness I feel when I come across businesses that are reviving and urbanising traditional crafting techniques while keeping the inherent beauty intact. We might have a hope yet, in this mass produced world of ours! Let me share one such enterprise with you guys that I/we love supporting – Thoppia. Before that, a word of warning – in case you are married to a someone like my wife, who budgets a set of new cushion cover or ‘atleast something new’ once every financial quarter, a certain store visit might be on the cards in your future. Consider yourself suitably warned.

Primarily focusing on cotton handwoven furnishings, Thoppia currently has retail outlets in Koramangala and Whitefield in Bangalore. The Koramangla store that we visited is neatly tucked into a small but effectively utilised space where I was hard pressed to find a color I could not find. Neatly displayed rows of cushions, curtains, rugs, table and bed linen make it quite easy to browse through their collection. Apart from the home furnishing line, they have a good range of handwoven bags with leather trims, hand picked pieces of jewellery and paper mâché knickknacks. I loved the few antique collectibles they had instore; the ones from Kerala that have found their way onto the shelves here are truly uncommon.

I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the material as well as the the finish of the products at Thoppia considering some of the counterparts I come across during our quarterly budgeted expense trips 😉 . The wide range of customisation options possible for cushions – be it the sofa or the floor variety, curtains or roman blinds as the case might be, is also quite impressive. Another interesting fact that we learned was that they follow the Vat dyeing process for their fabric, which is uniquely suited to cotton and makes it highly colourfast and durable.

What sets Thoppia apart is the fact that their wide range of products are completely in-sourced from their own weaving / spinning mill along with an in-house design team. The vibrant, trendy and unique designs are sure to find favour with most home owners looking for something simple yet a character of its own. Parikshit, the owner, born into a family with a tradition of weaving, was kind enough to share some fascinating pictures of the weaving process followed at their production house in Kannur, Kerala. They specialise in various kinds of weaves like honeycomb, satin, twill, dobby and ikat amongst many others. The sheer variety itself calls for a separate article on the subject!

You can completely go berserk with your customisation options for fabrics here, which many stores don’t entertain willingly and these need not be necessarily heavy on your pocket as well – instore varieties start from as less as Rs. 200 for a piece. Having bought and used their products ourselves (for last 3 years), I have to say they pass my nit-picking test with flying colours. Next time you happen to be in this part of town, do drop in to Thoppia or who knows a plan for a visit here has already been formulated for you by a certain someone by now 😀 .


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