What’s your name?

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Not all of us are blessed with sizzling answers like “My name is Shiela” (and most importantly, her ‘Jawani’). But do we care? For most of us, our names are as precious as sunlight, water, oxygen and chocolates. “Praan jaye paar naam na jaye” is the ultimate truth for many. Rabindranath Tagore had many interesting observations about this particular human trait ~ name-lovingness. In one of his short stories, “Ginni” from his book Golpo Guchho, he pointed out that humans often love their names more than they love themselves and the most effective way of impairing a person’s morale is to distort his name. Point.


While we consider our homes an extension of ourselves, often considering them family members, it is natural that the home would bear our names too. In this post, our endeavour is to bring to sunlight a few ideas of labeling homes. Remember our school days? ‘Exercise books’ covered in ‘brown paper packages’ and self adhesive labels with Name, Class, Section and Subject written on them? The beginning of every new academic session would usher in a world full of happiness. This post wishes to bring you similar happy feelings by sharing a few interesting name plates (or number plates) for your nest. : ) The icing on the cake is: You can even make some of them at home!


I am in love with this one. Made out of an old serving tray, the hanging sign is so delightfully welcoming. The best part about this sign is that it comes with a tutorial. You can try this at home. The finished product is beautiful! Birds, butterflies, blossoms on a tray…..your B’tray is ready? 😉

This name plate is a simple one. But what makes it unique, in my opinion is its placement. Instead of hanging the rectangular board on the wall (which I am sure hurts its arms and limbs), the owners have made a seat for it. That too, in the garden!! Can there be a better place? The name board sits in the portico, enjoys the birds hum multiple tunes, basks in the colours of the leaves and flowers and makes a very happy sight.

These are not name plates but number plates. What I loved was the patch of green. How beautifully have they converted these boards into planters, see! I can give you an idea. An old letter box can be converted into these where the basement can be used as a planter. Instead of putting numbers, you can paint your name on the top (like the picture below) and hang it at the entrance. (If you can actually execute the idea, don’t forget to send a picture our way, please.)

This stole my heart for its mere cuteness overload. The little birdies, the soft pastel shades and the pink ribbon made me go ”awwwww”‘. Infact, you know, there are online portals where you get these wooden birds, branches and leaves (laser cut MDF). You can buy them and make a name plate of your choice. It will surely be a wonderful way to welcome guests to your nest!

Will you believe this? This name plate is made out of single piece of paper. A genius of a girl makes “pretty designs on a single sheet of paper using sharp blade, patience and lots of love.” The labour of such love is breathtaking. If you have a transparent door, this would look gorgeous, wouldn’t it? Let sunlight seep in through the branches…………..your floors will have a shadow-name plate as well. 🙂

This is such a funky one! It looks more like a name plate for a bachelor’s pad. This one, like the former is also handmade. I loved this one for the personalised touch. It reflects the personality of the owner which I feel is very important for a nameplate.

The same holds true for the one below. A teacher’s name plate this one is. If you ask him, your local carpenter can make a desired shape of your choice from the scraps. Apply a lick of paint of your choice and etch your name. The name plate is ready is minutes! 🙂

The last but not the least. I had gathered these wooden alphabets from the Children’s section of a store. Very intentionally, I did not buy the “O”. I have many bangles which my wrists have outgrown. (Given the fact that, the circumference of my wrist = circumference of Lord’s cricket ground). I used one of them and my name plate was ready! I have framed it in wood.
If you ask for my opinion (which is totally non-expert), I love personalised nameplates. A slice of your personality gets transported into them. Remember, on the arrival of your guests, this sign welcomes them even before you do. So lend them you personal touch and let them speak for you. 🙂

P.S: If these ideas helps you in making name boards for your nest, don’t you ever forget to send us pictures. Okay?

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